October 31, 2020

Hola Amigos!

I’m excited to share with you a KINDNESS KEY that allows me to ride “natural high vibes” of peace and positivity.  It started with a profound awareness of how my DIET directly effected my mood. 

After flailing about and feeling terrible much of my life, at certain rock bottom moment,  I recognized everything in my life diet needed to change. 

In order for me to transcend my circumstances, I needed to make better choices with what I COULD control. What I ate, what I drank, what I watched, what I listened to, who I associated with, were all simple actions that were in my control to evaluate and change.

At this point, I finally understood that “a diet”  is so much more than simply what you put in your mouth. According to the Latin translation the word “diet” also means “a way of living.” 

I was excited to give my “life diet” a mega makeover.

What we consume through our senses; smell, touch, taste, sight, and sound is all stored and processed energetically in our bodies. Our bodies are supercomputers for storing information! Most of this information becomes encoded in your subconscious mind which directly effects thoughts, which create moods that turn into beliefs which become your life.

Have you ever had the experience of watching a scary movie and then having weird nightmares afterwards? 

This is a prime example of how imagery is stored and processed in our subconscious mind, and is the reason why I don’t watch scary movies. 

If you want a life of positivity, peace and joy then a good way to do that- is to become that, through conscious consumption via your senses. Why not choose a lifestyle DIET OF LOVING KINDNESS!?

A fun and easy way to do this is to TUNE IN to music that makes you feel GOOD and has positive lyrics! 

I consciously choose to listen to music with inspiring and uplifting messages. Now, I love starting out my morning listening to positive affirmations! Some mornings, I get excited to start the day with dancing around my room and shaking my body to get my blood flowing. 

In the past, I dreaded waking up as it seemed I always had an internal battle of to-do’s and worries. I also let go of the old habit of listening to depressing music when I felt sad, and was amazed at how much quicker my melancholy mood subsided.

I invite you to choose a “lifestyle diet of LOVING KINDNESS” and watch how your days become more fun and upbeat. I invite you to TUNE IN to positive vibes, so I made you all a special playlist on Spotify of some of my favorite soul songs! 


If you make any videos dancing around with any songs from this playlist- feel free to tag me @KD.is.Kindness.Daily #KDpositiveVIBES so I can boogie with yeww in cyberspace! 

Peace, love and positive vibes to YEWW! 

☮️ 💞 🕊 😇 💎  KD

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