“I can feel the love, intention and healing energy infused in every bead of Katy’s creations. I love layering this lapis bracelet, super charged in the Sedona vortex!” 

-Lauren U. 



“KD’s jewelry is made with immense love and intention, so much so that when I wear it, it brings good things to me.”

-Maria Brophy

Best selling Author,  Brophy Art Gallery Owner



KD (Oceana Star) creates art inspired from her heart, divine jewelry with the gems and crystals from the Earth. Everything she makes is intentionally designed with the highest vibration of love that she pours into her creations. You can feel it! I get so many compliments every time I wear one of her peaces. Inner Goddess Radiates

⁃ Davana May



All Soul Creations are channeled pieces of love, harmonizing and aligning with your own personal energy, that activates and aligns the trine of mind – body- soul-

It’s a power that is tangibly seen and felt by all who come in contact with them. I am so grateful for my beautiful pieces of Light!




Katy’s creations always bring a smile to my face. Her pieces cover a broad spectrum from Lighthearted Dino earrings to gemstones infused with the power of the new moon. Katy’s jewelry has something for every style and every occasion. Most importantly, it is made with love and positive intention!



Katy’s Art is Pure Magic which reflects Herself.  There is a special energy she puts in every single piece and in every single moment, she is creating.  Everything is unique and sacred with all the most beautiful intentions

⁃ Ana Cannon


I love KD jewelry! I have been wearing my jade teardrop necklace for years, earrings, and ónix bracelet. I love the healing energy I receive with each piece and how it brings harmony and peace into my day. Thank you  KD for making such beautiful pieces of jewelry that make changes within oneself and the auric field around us.

⁃ Micaela Ramirez (Poseiden Skate Founder)


KD’s creations are magical and she pours so much love into each piece.  When I wear her creations I feel the amazing positive energy she exudes and the intention behind each piece.  Her creations are almost as beautiful as her soul.

⁃ Lacy @thebabayagaco

I absolutely love my reiki infused jewelry. Katy is a magical being and you can feel that through her art. I wear at least one piece every day to remind me of the divine love, strength, and power that I hold. The most creative reminder that we are all beautiful energetic forces. Thank you Katy for allowing me to wear your magical art!

⁃ Brittney Wilson



Katy is a very gifted healer. She is kind and attentive, takes her time, talks to you to understand your goals. She guided me through a wonderful experience where I was able let go all that I wanted to shed and allowed healing, loving energy to come into my body. Katy has the ability to connect on a soul level with others, she channeled what I needed to hear and the energy I needed to receive in order to begin my healing process. I was able to physically, emotionally feel Katy channel the energy into my body. My session with Katy is one of the most beautiful experiences I have had in my journey to healing.

- Gwendolyne Boden



Last year, my cat Pumpkin’s health took a dramatic turn for the worst. His coat was dull and his fur was falling out; he was listless and his eating and bathroom habits changed. I took him to the vet and discovered that he had severe inflammation of his liver, pancreas, and intestines. His bloodwork was irregular, and an ultrasound detected a cyst on his pancreas. I was so distraught, fearing that this was a downward spiral that would have him leave me much sooner than he should.

I was sharing my feelings with KD, and she asked to see a picture of Pumpkin. She communicated to me confidently and warmly that she believed he had the power to heal. I felt so comforted by her presence, holding space for me and really listening to what I was going through.

Over the next few days, I noticed a dramatic change in Pumpkin’s demeanor, appetite and appearance. His coat began to shine again, his fur stopped falling out; he began playing and being affectionate again. I was so stunned by the change, and on his follow up appointment, they told me that his bloodwork was normal again.

The next time I saw KD, she told me that she had done reiki on Pumpkin the night that we spoke, and asked how he was. I was so amazed at her generosity and energy; I hadn’t asked her to do anything for him, but she’d taken the time on her own to help, and the results were incredible. I am so thankful to her for helping him, and giving him the attention and healing to get him through such a scary time.

Pumpkin and I love you! Thank you so much!!

-Stephanie Dyer